Feminismos, gynocine y el cine español

Come join us Wed 11th March @ 5:30pm for a talk given by Prof. Barbara Zecchi.

Prof. Barbara Zecchi´s (University of Massachusetts, Amherst) research focuses on Gender Studies, Film adaptations, Digital Humanities and Spanish Cinema. She has authored, edited or coedited several books, such as La pantalla sexuada (Cátedra, 2014), Desenfocadas: Cineastas españolas y discursos de género (Icaria, 2014), Gynocine (Univ. Zaragoza, 2013),Teoría y práctica de la adaptación fílmica (ed. Complutense, 2011), La mujer en la España actual, ¿evolución o involución? (with Jacqueline Cruz, Icaria, 2004),  Sexualidad y escritura (1850-2000) (with Raquel Medina, Anthropos, 2002). She is currently coordinating the Digital Humanities Project «Gynocine: A History of Women’s Cinema».

Prof. Zecchi comes to Aston as Distinguished visitor from 9 March to 12 March 2015.  In addition to her public talk on `Feminismos, gynocine y cine español´, she will contribute to the teaching of LS3006 Hispanic Film and LU2001 Migrant and Transnational Cinema, and will hold meetings with students working on their Hispanic Film essays.  Dr Medina and Prof. Zecchi are currently working together on a research project on gender and ageing in Spanish cinema.

For further information, please contact Dr Raquel Medina: r.medina@aston.ac.uk


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